Behind Closed Doors

Posted by 4 Mar, 2011

Behind Closed Doors


Behind closed doors you will never know

The “private” lives that friends don’t show

It happens in the best of places

And shows up first on children’s faces

First, the look of their sad eyes

Then their voice complete with sighs

They don’t talk much nor do they play

You ask them why, but they won’t say

Their bear the weight of parents’ sin

Of daily abuse and anger turned in

They have that look that says, Dont Touch

I’ve had enough, in fact too much

They fight with all to show their power

But while at home they sit and cower

To wait upon their nightly whip

Sometimes from hands, sometimes from lips

It matters not where comes the pain

From stinging slaps or words that shame

‘Cause as they grow in size and age

Their minds still fill with thoughts of rage

And when they wed and parents are

They still bear wounds and have deep scars

That bind them in so many ways

To their past lives which they replay

And on and on the cycle goes

Unless it stops and we can show

That “private” lives in “private” places

Ruin future lives in future spaces

So be not silent, don’t turn in fear

Reach for their hand, give them your ear

With gifts of love, touch their young heart

And the cycle of hate, you’ll surely part

(C) JayGee01

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